AirPhoto Special Edition - A Program for the geometric rectifcation of aerial images & orthophotos from multiple images

AirPhotoSE offers essential features needed for rectification of oblique aerial imagery with geo-referenced output.  It is capable of working with very large images, and it offers multi-threading  using up to four processors operating on four parts of a large image simultaneously. Automatic correction for radial lens distortion, atmospheric defraction and hilly terrain is included.  It is designed for use by beginners or experienced users who need an efficient programme for combining aerial images with maps, orthophotos, or satellite pictures.  

The UTM WGS84  reference system as well as Longitude and Latitude or an arbitrary X-Y  grid  are offered with manual calibration and with automatic calibration to or from ArcGis or MapInfo header files. The European Petroleum Survey Group's database with over 3000 map grids may also be used. Google Earth can be spawned and displayed and searches carried out using a chosen EPSG code and images saved with EPSG grid calibration. The EPSG grid can then be written over the Google Earth image and the image then aligned to this grid so that it can be overlaid on digital or scanned maps.   Orthophotos can be made from multiple oblique images without manual intervention and georeferenced with respect to any chosen grid.  It has been tested with 140 high resolution (3648x2736 RGB) digital images made from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with creation of a seamless orthophoto of 9714 x 16588 RGB pixels and a digital terrain model both without manual intervention under 32 bit Windows 7.  Special hardware or a 64 bit operating system are not needed.

A large selection of image file input formats are available including RAW from many current digital cameras. Output is also available in PDF format.  A selection of modern GeoPortal web sites is available, and more can be added easily by the user. Google Maps and Bing Maps may also be opened from the GeoPortal menu.  Please click on the links above to read about all the options and features.  

AirPhotoSE may be freely copied,  distributed and installed on as many machines as desired with no restrictions.  The programme runs under Microsoft Windows, all versions from Windows 2000 onward, but it has been optimized for Windows 7 and modern hardware.  Dual screen displays are supported and recommended as are multiple processors.  A separate hard disk for data is helpful. as is at least 3 GB of main memory, however the programme also runs reasonably well on older machines and laptops.  Read the Installation Notes for further information.
AirPhotoSE uses a large number of public domain executable programmes.  There are two sets of these, one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit versions of the Windows operating system.  When the programme starts, the current version and type of the operating system is detected and recorded for further use.  Both sets of external executables are copied by the installation programme to subdirectories of the programme directory, so that there is no need for distributing two versions of AirPhotoSE.

Daniel Giradeau-Montaut's 
Cloud Compare  is the central tool employed for making orthophotos, digital terrain models and point clouds. It is installed automatically together with AirPhotoSE.  

Download AirPhotoSE

Download the AirPhotoSE Manual

For image treatment before rectification see the programme
CastCor  which may also be freely copied, distributed and installed.

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Irwin Scollar

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Last update: June 4, 2017