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AirPhotoSE is a programme for the rectification of perspective distortion in aerial photographs. It also offers appropriate image enhancement or filtering.  It can make rectified orthophotos from multiple images of the same area, construct a digital terrain model from them, and create a three dimensional interactive display of the result as well as creating a photo mosaic. It requires an image and a map or an orthophoto along with a set of matching points (control points) for each. A single non-aerial image may also be used and corrected arbitrarily to create a new image of the same size.  Images from Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps and  national mapping service geographic portal (GeoPortal) web sites can be loaded and used instead of a map, and they can be geo-referenced automatically if the web service permits it..

Open a either a pair of images (usually one will be a map or an othophoto, the other an oblique aerial photo) using one of the many supported file formats. Only two images can be opened.

Enter corresponding control points in both images using one or more of the control point entry techniques described elsewhere.

Transform the image to the map:

or to a blank image of scalable size, or if no map is used, to a blank image of size equal to the original image


Loaded maps and orthophotos may also be calibrated to permit display of an overlaid grid in either Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), Decimal Latitude/Longitude, or arbitrary X-Y coordinates. The coordinates in the chosen grid at the position of the mouse cursor are displayed continuously.  Otherwise, the position of the cursor in pixels is shown.

Save the result to a new file for use in other programmes. 

Print the result if desired.

All programme operations are carried out using the mouse, the toolbar and the menus.