Special Capture

The special capture window is enabled when the short name given for a GeoPortal  is followed by [sc] before the URL which must always begin with http:// This window is useful when the GeoPortal  shows a separate preliminary window before a map or an orthophoto can be displayed.  Commonly, this is to require the user to accept the terms and conditions of the GeoPortal's owners, but it may also be useful if a full screen view is shown using a separate programme like Adobe Shockwave or Flash.  

Before opening the second window of the GeoPortal, the special capture window should be opened either by pressing Ctrl-F12 or clicking on the Special Capture menu entry on the initial GeoPortal display window.

The following keyboard shortcuts are used in the special capture window so that the position of the mouse cursor need not be changed when capturing, thus permitting visible coordinates or other values which are changed by the mouse cursor's position to be captured correctly.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl+F12 to initialise the special capture window. This need only be done once.

Ctrl+F10 Capture an Area  (or Ctrl+F8 if Ctrl+F10 in use)

Ctrl+F11 Capture the Full Screen  (or Ctrl+F9 if Ctrl+F11 in use)

Ctrl + M to set a screen marker at the cursor's position. If coordinates have been written to or copied from the Clipboard to the East and North fields of the main capture window, they will be written next to the marker as well as in the GeoPortalFiles.txt protocol file when the programme closes.

If a background map shows a grid, this makes placement and transfer of values for a marker much easier. If coordinates are shown by the site as the mouse is moved, pressing Ctrl+F10  to capture the image leaves the coordinates unchanged, and these can be typed into the East and North fields, or copied to the Clipboard if they are showing in the search fields of the site. 

Ctrl + O to clear the capture buffer

Ctrl + X to exit the special capture window.

Shift + Right click to save the captured area to a named file. A file saving window pops up and shows thumbnails of any images previously saved.

Right click to safe to sequentially numbered file if a previously named file has been chosen.

This is what the initial window looks like after pressing Ctrl + F12 or clicking on Start capture before capturing anything:

A capture window:

After selection with Ctrl + F10:

In some cases, the captured window will be hidden behind the secondary window of the GeoPortal.  If that happens, press Alt-Tab to cycle through the visible windows to select it, or click on a corner if one is visible.

Using the grid coordinates as shown at the bottom left above to search for the point of interest.  Note that not all GeoPortals offer this option.

The capture area and the coordinate search fields just before saving the image with a right click.

A capture showing grid coordinates at the mouse cursor position prior to capture

After the special capture window is closed, the other operations on the file menu of the GeoPortal window are also available.