Google Earth  Find a placename with Google Maps

When you click on the Action menu entry Find by Name when Google Earth is shown, the first time you will see a window with Google Maps running with a default view of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich where the zero meridian is marked as a monument..  The first time you do this, the field for entering a place name will be blank. Afterwards, it will be filled with the last place name you used for searching, not the Royal Observatory.  

Enter the place name of interest in the search field. If the name is a common one, e.g. in the UK and in the USA, you may see an area you don't want in the preview window.  If that is the case, add something like a country name or abbreviation that is unique.  Many places have identical names, so a distinctive suffix is required. Click on the Go to Address button.

When you see the right area of interest, you can then click on a point, perhaps after zooming in or out and dragging to approximately the center of the area of interest.  An orange marker will show at the point and it's latitude and longitude shown in the fields of that name.  The altitude slider can be dragged to increase or decrease the area which will be shown in Google Earth when you click on the Google Earth button with the green check mark.  This button is only enabled when you have selected a point.

You can select more than one point, and the list of points will appear in the drop-down box. Choose one of interest by clicking on it's lat/lon value in the drop-down list, then click on the Go to Lat/Lon button to centre the Google Maps image on the selected point, and then click on the Google Earth button.  If you have selected a number of points and want to start all over again, click on the Clear Markers button and start again.  You can re-open the Google Maps view while in Google Earth and select a different point to display.  The Longitude/Latitude fields display the currently chosen Lon/Lat.