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Adrien Bartoli at the University of Clermont-Ferrand advised on the mathematics for the methods used and offered many bibliographic references.

Gianluca Cantoro, Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Foundation of Research & Technology Hellas (F.O.R.T.H.) Rethymnon, Crete tested Version 2 and made many helpful suggestions.

Gerald Evenden, USGS,  for the PROJ.4 Cartographic Projections library 

Yasutaka Furukawa of Google and to Jean Ponce of the Ecole Normale Supérieure for the programme PMVS2

Daniel Girardeau-Montaut, TIMC-IMAG (Grenoble) made additions to his CloudCompare programme at the author's request and largely made the SfM option possible.  

Rafael Grampone von Gioi, Ecole Normale Superiuere (Cashan) for moifications to his code Scons to extract field boudaries and roads from Google Earth data.

Peter Kovesi of the University of Western Australia, Perth supplied Matlab code to the Oxford web site and corrected a number of bugs at the author's request.

Pierre Moulon, ENPC (Paris), recompiled the code for Bundler and PMVS2 from the Open Source Photogrammetry Toolbox used here.

David M. Mount of the University of Maryland for his ANN (Approximate Near Neighbour) code.  

Rog Palmer of AirPhoto Services, Cambridge was of vital help in testing and making many suggestions for improvements to the user interface and the documentation.

Rodrigo Ruz, Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, Chile, for a revised version of code for running Google Maps from within AirPhotoSE

Maurizio Toscano, University of Granada, kindly supplied large sets of test data for development  and tested the Total Station Transform code.

Noah Snavely of Cornell University for placing his programme Bundler in source code on the Internet 

Andrea Vedaldi, University of Oxford, posted the VLfeat library which has been used for keypoint detection.

Fabrizio di Vittorio, Ladispoli,  who programmed the HiComponents image processing suite, provided many of the essential tools around which this programme was created.

Frank Warmerdam, Mountain View, California  for his additions, revisions and maintenance of PROJ.4.

Andrew Zisserman of the University of Oxford posted Matlab code on the Computer Vision group's web site at my request to illustrate many of the methods described in his book written with Richard Hartley of Australian National University, Canberra .

Lidka Zuk of the University of Poznan made the fruitful suggestion for adding GeoPortal sites to the programme and tested the new features.