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Toolbars and Menus

All operations may be carried out using either menus or the buttons on the toolbar.  Many menu options have hot keys so that you do not need the mouse to access these functions. Toolbar buttons are enabled depending on the number of images loaded.

The file menu duplicates many of the opening, printing and saving buttons on the toolbar:  

The edit menu duplicates the three clipboard toolbar buttons:

The control menu offers all of the functions which relate to control points when two images are loaded: 

The calibration menu offers all of the functions which relate to calibration points:

The window menu duplicates seven of the window buttons plus four additional options and shows the names of the last two files used.

The enhancement menu offers several options for improving the appearance of the currently displayed image file.

The filter menu offers options for extracting edges and boundaries, removing scratches and dirt and sharpening images. 

The crop menu permits cropping an image to limits set after choosing the type of cropping with the selection buttons:

If the original image contains control and/or calibration points, these are carried over appropriately to the cropped result.

The middle button resets the crop options. The left button crops to a rectangular area, the right button crops to a polygonal area

The transform menu permits selection of five types of transformation:

1) from an image to a map or other reference image

2) from an image to a scaled version of the image on a white or black background, scaled relative to the reference or map image

3) to a new image (cloned) with automatic placement of control points at its corners.

4) to a new image (cloned) with automatic cropping to the transformed area of the source image.

5) to a new image (cloned) using control points from a terrestrial total station theodolite.

The options menu item pops up the options dialogue box which permits you to set the preferred appearance of an output image and pre-selects input and output file type choices for display in the opening and saving file dialogue boxes. There is no drop-down menu.

The help menu provides access to the full help contents, the copyright, version and build notice in the About dialogue, and it offers an option to check for an update for the programme and download it directly from the Internet if one is available.